The Benefits Of Cell-Ess Are Real

  • – Increased Monoclonal Antibody Titer
  • – Increased Control in Metabolic and Glycosylation Profiles
  • – No added Biomass in the downstream process
  • – Improves Production Flexibility by allowing variability in the time or number of production runs
  • – Gains to the entire Production Department in efficiency and margins
  • – Increased Revenue to your Company

Cell-Ess Boosts Titer

Cell-Ess was fed every 2 days for 8 days in conjunction with LifeTech FortiCHO basal media and feed. The experiment, performed in triplicate, was terminated when viability reached 50%, and amount of antibody was quantified by ELISA. Cells fed Cell-Ess showed 25% increase in titer on day 8 without increasing number of cells.


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