Title: Novel Lipid Supplement, Cell Ess, Increases Antibody Production in CHO Cells for Industrial Manufacturing Applications

Original Air Date:  March 29, 2016

Presenter:  Dr. Adam Elhofy, CSO of Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC


Enhancing protein production is a common bioproduction goal. Cell Ess, when used to supplement to an optimized cell and media system, resulted in a 37% increase in productivity per cell. Used as a 5% feed, it resulted in a 25% increase in yield and extension of peak protein production. Our results suggest that an increase in protein production may not require a change in the metabolic state of the cells.

Learning Objectives:

  • How a novel media supplement for large scale bioproduction was used to significantly boost mAb protein yield as a continuous feed in a previously optimized system.
  • That the supplement works in a scalable fashion from shaker flask to wave bag bioreactor
  • How one can increase protein yield without increasing biomass, i.e. fewer cells become more efficient producing the engineered protein of interest.

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